Love Every Atom

by A Human Expressing Experience

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    Even within these hard times of economic depression and continuous senseless wars across the planet, there IS an Inspiration rising within all of us of a greater vision of Peace and Tranquility throughout Humanity. This album, "Love Every Atom" is here to create within us; an absolute resonation thus a realization of this greater vision and co-create with us as we attune to the higher vibrations of INFINITE LOVE and ETERNAL SATISFACTION. Do you know someone close to yourself who wishes for these ideals? Please share the entire Album with them and spread the vibrations of Love to all your friends! ^*^ -AHEE ILOTEN

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"Love Every Atom is a collaboration with all of the forces of creation with one child, Christopher, to bring onto earth an eternal inspiration for the internal connection within all of us." -AHEE ILOTEN ^*^


released February 12, 2009

Congratulations for manifesting this album!




A Human Expressing Experience Los Angeles

Follow AHEE, and his genius inventor cat, Captain Wormhole Whiskers, as they travel across the universe in their Bass- Powered UFO. Always in the search for the highest-quality forms of Bass, AHEE, now returns to earth to share some of his amazing discoveries from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. ... more

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Track Name: Love Every Atom
Love Every Atom
Track Name: Presence Of Divinity
The Presence of Divinity became almost palpable; and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes. This knowledge came to me directly; notably, an experiential cognition. Ahhh. Uh remember that, we are actually heading back in time, uh remember that there was a portent of surrealism other than the ones we've looked at, *cough*collage, and that is the power of dreams to drive the creative process. So what does film do? It offers a communal dream experience. In what, your in the dark with other people... dreams... no not really, but that is a part of it... and we are eternity, and you are me, and I am you, and I have known this my whole life. Sometimes I just forget who I am and I am what I am and you are what you are and we are and we are and we arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and we are. 1...2...3...go...
you wanna record this in the bathroom, yeah more reverb, yeah, ok, yeah its better when you... oh...*alien singing in strange language* silently for me, what is that? its whatever I want it to be, oh look its Roscoe's oh my god, ha ha.
Track Name: We Are Creators Of The Ultimate Universe
I Am My My Own God, We Are Creators Of The Ultimate Universe, Uni-Verse implies one verse, implies one story, one song.
Track Name: I Know This To Be True In The Deep Of My Heart
I Know This To Be True In The Deep Of My Heart, My Heart.
I want you Lord, want you in my Life. I love You, I am You.
Track Name: We All Know The Truth
I know You know I know,
You know I know I know,
You know I know You know,
I know you know you know.

Its all unspoken, we all know the truth.
*The Unspeakable*

Love Is In the Air

Uno, Uno, Uno, One
Track Name: Dedicated To Music
And another thing about you, you're spaciness, in a way, allows you to be more dedicated to music, to be a better musician, I think.

Elmo just wanted to say, that Elmo loves you. Uh-hum, kiss kiss, muah, muah.
Track Name: Artist: A Human Expressing Experience Infinite Love Of The Eternal Now (AHEE ILOTEN) - This Moment Is So Sacred (^*^)
Lyrics: One day I was just walking through a construction yard with a stick, and I was hittin' on a bulldozer, and all of a sudden it sounded like a drum kit. And I thought to myself, "Lets Make A Beat." And then I started singing to myself. And then I thought, "Lets make a song out of this moment, *will you join in with me*, this very moment, *lets make a song together* Then I found a really cool squeaky noise when I rubbed this stick on a plastic sign.

This moment is so sacred.
I am you, I am you hey

You are the creator, listen to how you feel
*The time is now*
You are the creator, your voice will make it real
*The time is now*
*good idea*
You are the creator of All-One

Manifest, We Are One

I believe in you
You believe in you
Track Name: You & I Are Of The Same Flesh World
Stay right here, I am you as me my friend, I am here for you, Stay with me, you and I are of the same flesh world
Track Name: Anything Can Be Beautiful
Is sound, is a chair dragging across the floor, anything can be beautiful. Wierdo. HaHAHAhahahHHHHAAAAAhaooooooohaahahhaha.

Like a flower we'll bloom, we've sowed the seeds for peace and harmony.
We've been traveling throughout eternity and for eternity we'll keep on traveling. Hehehe, hahaha
This I know, to be so, I feel it in my bones.
Oh, ouhh oh, I feel like new.

Throughout all this time there has only been one thing on my mind, It's you, it's you, You know that I love you, yes its true, I love you, I am You, It's True.
Track Name: Heaven Sent You Here
Heaven sent you here, to make Heaven appear.

He's holy, He's holy, like a swiss cheese, cheese is my good lord, my lord loves good cheese.

People Of Earth,
I come in Peace, hahaha
I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for your simple act of existing.
It brings me unlimited & unbounded joy to be within your presence right here right now.
With you I know that life has eternal purpose & infinite meaning.
I KNOW there is no end & no beginning in life everlasting.
I know THIS to be the all-pervading and all-enlightening truth of the world, and you know this too, as I am You.
Remember this: LOVE EVERY ATOM
Thank & God Bless
Track Name: We're Making Such Cool Beats
Guess what, We're making such cool beats right now.
*smell like, smell like you*

I Am You, and You Are Me,
this is how its been through all eternity.
I love You infinitely, I do
You know this to be true, I Love You
Yes I Do I Love You

Guys, please record an album *yeah*and tell me when you release it. We just recorded it. No way! Yeah. And you are recording all of this too, haha. Yeah, it's perfect, thank you for being a part of this moment. No problem, I'm honored. *Being obnoxious* hehaha, whats that, No, If heavy metal went through a Kazoo it would be like...